On Houses

Man kann alles verwenden, was man verwenden kann (Josef Frank)


Architecture is about construction work, building houses at different places in the world. Every house shares its place with the environment and it makes a contribution to it, i.e. it takes something and it has something to offer.

Using a house should be a pleasure and part of a positive way of life. A house can be a reward or a challenge it should at least be interesting.

Houses are important in life. They are the background and the stage for life´s twists.

Houses are built under specific climatic conditions and they have to react to these conditions moderating them for human needs. The right house at the right place will connect with the world in a life enhancing way (and the maintenance will be reasonable).

Houses are built from materials taken from the world which should be used in an efficient and technically sensible way. This will make them last. The materials will weather and grow old. The process will add beauty, but not prematurely.

Architecture is the language which connects the material and cultural conditions with the individual needs. Ultimately the beauty of a house is the beauty of the life lived under its roof and within its walls.