The Kochi River Project site is situated at the wide river bend between large agricultural gardens and family homes but a mere 20 minutes drive from Kochi airport and less than an hour from Ernakulam centre.
The river flows down from the wildlife sanctuaries of the western ghats, passing forests and gardens, towns and fields and here, a mere 10 km airline from the sea its pristine waters flow wide and slow.
The plot stretches from the river bank with a width of 70m almost 150m land inwards and comprises an area of more than 10.000m2. The land at the bank is kept free from building and relates to the largesse of the river. This wide and open space, shaded by loosely set trees, is connected with the adjacent pool area. From here the "central garden" starts, a densely planted area which forms the core of the resort. Two main areas of “public building “ are formed on either end of the sequence of gardens: Near the riverbank we find the pool area and the restaurant, while at the other end the Ayurveda and spa building, the library, the café and the reception with its lobby and offices, form a village centre.