floor plan
A square structure of concrete pillars organizes the floor plan. The hall and the living room form the centre of the suite.
longitudinal section
Haunched beams connect the pillars and produce the required rigidity. The structural shape of the frames transforms into the pattern of the window bars.
cross section
Cross section through bathroom, hall and living room. Glass windows bear rectangular bar patterns. The roof with its fan shaped rafters allows hot air to exhaust through the central opening.
roof construction
The fan shaped structure requires an individual angle for each cutout in the rafters.
roof flooring
The roof flooring will be made using five different sorts of Indian marble
elevation south east
The diversity of the infills follows functional requirements and is tied together by concrete structure and the roof. The effortless way of expression took a lesson from Kerala´s way of satisfying programatic needs.
elevation north east
The shutters might be open during the day.