lattice windows
The lattice work of the windows derives its geometry from the haunched frames. Exposed concrete and plaster distinguish between structural elements and infill.
sliding door
The sliding doors and windows permit to change the room from air conditioned to all open without loosing space
window element
The window element in the workshop.
terrace shutters
The shutters protect the terrace from mosquitoes and provide some privacy. The pattern of the lattices derives its geometry from the haunched beams of the structural framework.
open shutters
The terrace shutters can be folded to the side to open the space to the environment. The rails provide privacy and mosquito protection but let the air move freely. The load bearing frame stands out in exposed concrete while the brick infill is smoothly plastered.
The wooden ceiling follows the structure of the concrete frames thus developing its octagonal pattern.
The pattern of exposed concrete and plastered brickwork, as yet unconcealed by roofs
The side roofs protect the interior terraces and the woodwork from the tropical rain.
roofs II
The parts coming together
view from the river
The towers stay subordinated to the larger trees in the landscape.
roof centre
The four central pillars hold up the raised centre of the roof.
Sample of marbles for the roof flooring (see drawings)